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Kinloch Historical Society

Pubished on - 8/10/2017 3:05:23 AM

Kinloch Historical Society

Invitation to submit Building Design Team Tenders comprising sufficient professional resources to satisfactorily deliver the project requirements.


KHS, based in the south of Lewis, plans to further develop its community hub within the former primary school at Balallan in Lochs which is now well established. KHS was set up to record the history of the Kinloch area, Lewis for locals, visitors to the area and future generations. It is now an important cog within the Western Isles Heritage Trail.


The premises following redevelopment, which includes bringing the former schoolhouse and building replacement accommodation for the present port a cabin usage, will have a total area available in the order of 700m2. The core premises is of traditional construction, dating from the late 1800s, comprising stone walls with harling and a pitched slate roof. A number of extensions have been added to the main structure over the years and some of these have been built using more modern materials. The most recent extension includes a general purpose hall and kitchen which was built in 2006. The unutilised sections of the building are in need of significant renovation, the former schoolhouse is of the same basic construction as the core building.


Final Brief Document August 2017

European Single Procurement Document

Fee Summary