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Outer Hebrides LEADER and EMFF 2014-2020 Programme


The Scottish, and Outer Hebrides, LEADER 2014-2020 Programme are closed to new applications and therefore will not be holding any further funding rounds.


The following information is to support existing approved projects and beneficiaries.


The Outer Hebrides LEADER team will support you throughout the process and therefore if you have any questions please contact a member of the LEADER team.


Photograph Courtesy of the Borders Experience Project, supported by the OH LEADER 2007-2013 Programme



*For further information on eligible costs and the amount of LEADER funding available for projects please visit the Eligibility page*





The approved LEADER project will be required to make claims for the funding in arrears. The LEADER team will provide guidance on how to complete the claims, documentation and the evidence required. The final 10% of the approved LEADER grant cannot be claimed until after the project has completed and submission of the final project claim.


Successful projects must also comply with all procurement and publicity requirements. Failure to do so may result in loss of the grant or some items becoming ineligible. Information on this will be provided with your grant contract.


Successful applicants must inform the LEADER team immediately if they think they will not be able to meet contract deadlines. Notification after the stated dates could result in withdrawal of the LEADER grant offer.


All Claims are submitted through LARCs, login details are provided at application stage. All claim and monitoring guidance can be found in the 'Help' section on the LARCs LEADER portal and this will assist you in submitting your claims and navigating the system.


Below is a video available on the Scottish Rural Networks website to assist with Uploading Cost Actuals to LARCs.


Claims from ScottishRuralNetwork on Vimeo.