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Our Local Development Strategy is the guiding document over what Outer Hebrides LEADER can and cannot fund, so it is important you are familiar with the document, particularly the objectives and LEADER interventions listed.

Outer Hebrides LEADER and EMFF 2014-2020 Local Development Strategy.

OH LAG have also prepared a Harris Tweed and a Tourism Policy showing specific restrictions or targeted activities in these areas: 2014-2020 LAG Policies .

Photograph courtesy of Lochside Arena, supported by the OH LEADER 2007-2013 Programme


How much can you apply for?

The Outer LEADER Local Action Group, who manage the local programme, will offer a grant intervention rate of:

The LEADER officer will advise on this. These amounts can be increased in exceptional circumstances. Furthermore state aid rules may apply and this may limit how much you can claim, depending on what other public funding you have received. Unless the project is classed as State Aid, as per Article 61 and 65 of the European Regulations 1303/2013 any net profit that is directly generated by the LEADER funded project before the final claim could result in a decrease in your approved LEADER grant.


The minimum grant is £1000; therefore the minimum project costs required would be £2000. However please note, depending on circumstances, that it is at the discretion of the Local Action Group to offer a decreased amount of aid if the project is approved. To find out more about state aid, visit​​ 

Who's Eligible?

N.B. The minimum age of an applicant is 16 years old.


Applicants must also meet the following criteria:

Eligible Costs:

Ineligible Costs: