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LEADER -Liaison Entre Actions de Dèveloppment Èconomique Rurale
Links between Activities Developing Rural Communities

LEADER is a European Union funded Community Development scheme which focuses on delivering a bottom-up method of support for rural development. Support is primarily aimed at small-scale, community-driven projects that are pilot and innovative in nature. Vitally the benefits and participation of the local community in the project is fundamental to the LEADER ethos of networking, co-operation, transferring knowledge and integrating activities and actions through enabling the delivery of actions within local development strategies which are developed for and by the local communities.

The Outer Hebrides LEADER 2014-2020 Programme will not only support communities to provide them with the tools to develop innovative projects but also enable Small Rural Businesses to embed and flourish whilst also enabling new opportunities to be created through aiding sustainable Crofting and Farm diversification projects. Social and economic actions will be proactively developed to support innovative community-led local development within the rural economy of the Outer Hebrides.