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The section describes the process that is to be followed if you are interested in applying for Outer Hebrides EMFF funding. Outer Hebrides EMFF CLLD staff will support you throughout the process and therefore if you have any questions regarding how to apply please contact them.


Photograph courtesy of the Maiviag Pontoon Extension, supported by the EFF Axis 4 Programme


If you are interested in applying for EMFF CLLD funding the first step is to complete an Expression of Interest Form.

You must answer all the questions on the form (with the required fields). Please email this form to the EMFF contact who will check that the project, and activities, you are proposing:

  1. Fit with the priorities of the Outer Hebrides LEADER and EMFF 2014-2020 Local Development Strategy
  2. Is relevant to the fisheries element of the Outer Hebrides Local Development Strategy
  3. Delivers at least one of the EMFF High Level Objectives
  4. An appropriate level of funding – please note that the Outer Hebrides EMFF CLLD programme can fund up to 50% of the eligible project costs for commercial businesses and up to 100% for projects which have a collective beneficiary or interest i.e. it is of collective interest; or it has a collective beneficiary; or it has innovative features, where appropriate, at a local level; and the applicant provides public access to its results.

The maximum grant assistance is limited to £50,000 but at the discretion of the FLAG may be increased in exceptional circumstances


Once submitted the Outer Hebrides EMFF CLLD staff will then provide you with feedback - you may be asked to provide further information or be invited to meet in order to discuss the project further. If the project appears to fit with these basic, initial criteria for EMFF CLLD funding, the EOI will be assessed by the FLAG using the Project Scoring System and Scoring Criteria.


Should your project progress to the application stage, you will be notified of this and asked to complete an Application Form using the EMFF eSystem at the link below:


Please note you must also submit a business case if you are applying for funding for projects costing £25,000 or more detailed at the link below:


As this is an on-line application system, to complete your application, please print the Application Form using the "Print" button. You should review the Application Form, sign and date the declaration on the final page and post the declaration to the address shown on the form, along with all of the documents listed in the ‘Documents To Be Submitted’ checklist on the Application Form if not already uploaded to the system.

EMFF CLLD staff are available to assist and support you throughout the application process.


Once you have submitted your application, the documents will be verified and reviewed by EMFF CLLD staff. If it is in order an Application Acknowledgement Letter will be sent to the applicant. This letter does not constitute an offer of grant and it does not commit the FLAG to making any such offer of financial assistance. If you choose to proceed with work on this project without first receiving a firm offer of grant assistance you may now do so, although entirely at your own risk. Any work undertaken or equipment delivered before the date of this letter will not be eligible for grant and may render the whole application ineligible.


Once received and acknowledged the application will be assessed by the Outer Hebrides Fisheries Local Action Group (FLAG). The FLAG is responsible for all EMFF CLLD grant recommendations. Their assessment follows the same procedure as the EOI i.e. utilising the Project Scoring System and Scoring Criteria detailed earlier. It is important that the application form details as much information as possible and demonstrates how it meets the objectives of the Local Development Strategy, the Project Scoring System and the Scoring Criteria, all in more detail then the EOI.


Once the FLAG has assessed the application it will be recommended for approval, rejected or deferred for further information. If recommended for approval the application will be forwarded to Marine Scotland for ultimately Scottish Government Ministerial approval and a Letter of Award issued.


Successful projects will be notified in writing of their grant offer in a Letter of Award. This will detail the amount of EMFF CLLD grant funding that has been approved for the project and any conditions of grant award. Applicants must sign, date and return the Letter of Award.


The project is required to make claims for the funding in arrears. i.e. after expenditure has been incurred. Again this is an on-line claim process accessed through the EMFF eSystem. The EMFF contact will provide guidance on how to complete the claims, documentation and the evidence required.


Successful projects must also comply with all procurement and publicity requirements. Failure to do so may result in loss of the grant or some items becoming ineligible. Information on this will be provided with your grant contract.


Successful applicants must inform EMFF CLLD staff immediately if they think they will not be able to meet project completion or claim deadlines. Notification after the stated dates could result in withdrawal of the EMFF CLLD grant offer.