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Smart Islands in Scotland and Ireland: Supporting Enterprises and Young People

ORGANISATION // Community Development Lens (CoDeL)
PROJECT // Smart Islands in Scotland and Ireland: Supporting Enterprises and Young People

This transnational project brings together island communities in Scotland and Ireland to share and develop experiences and methodologies that can make their islands smart, dynamic and sustainable.  The project will in particular focus on the critical role of young people returning, settling or staying on island communities, and the contribution they can make to reviving these remote communities.

The project aims focus on two areas:

1) to support young people in contributing to local development in their island communities through community initiatives and/or enterprise

2) to share knowledge and experience of innovation to enable island communities across Scotland and Ireland to learn from each other, about innovative and effective strategies for community development, not least around attracting and supporting young people.

This project is innovative in bringing together island communities in the Outer Hebrides and across Ireland (up to 15 islands in four counties of Ireland) for the first time to tackle common issues that remote islands face, and to explore and test out common solutions.  It will engage young people and other members of local island communities across these widely dispersed territories, to spark new ideas and initiatives for island communities, and enable sharing across some of the remotest Atlantic territories of Europe.