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Skiff 'Young Leader'

ORGANISATION // Bragar and Arnol Community Trust
PROJECT // Skiff 'Young Leader'
TOTAL PROJECT COST // £18,361.68

Urras Coimhearsnachd Bhradhagair agus Arnoil (UCBA – Bragar & Arnol Community Trust) aim to purchase an innovative Mark4 St Ayles Skiff which has been especially adapted for use by young people and the disabled. This will be operated by RamhaichToabh Siar, (RTS - West Side Rowers, a sub-group of UCBA). This is because RTS have the expertise to operate such a vessel as we already own one which is heavily used. We will require to purchase a suitable trailer and launch trolley for the Skiff and specialised safety equipment both for the skiff and the junior rowers.


We have already established a successful rowing group, but young people struggle to find a place in the current rowing programme because the boat is not suitable for adaption and the fittings are not suitable for youngsters or the disabled. Our current oars are of the traditional heavy wooden type designed for use by adult rowers in the open sea. The Skiff and fittings to suit come from a single builder, and the trailer and launching trolley are also supplied by a separate but single builder.

The trailer can carry two skiffs because we intend to travel with two skiffs offering capacity to other Island users to travel with us. The savings in ferry travel, when taking one towing vehicle and one trailer instead of two of each, will repay the cost difference over buying a single trailer within one or two years. The launching trolley is required to launch from beaches or into lochs where a proper slipway is not available. This widens the opportunity to engage with youngsters in all parts of the Island.

Bragar and Arnol Community Trust