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Scottish Island Passport

ORGANISATION // Highlands and Islands transport Partnership
PROJECT // Scottish Island Passport

HITRANS would like to develop a Scottish Island Passport to help promote all of Scotland’s offshore islands which are accessible by regular transport and is so doing help encourage more people to visit more of these Islands. The proposal is based on adapting similar marketing initiatives that have been deployed successfully elsewhere in both the UK and beyond.

HITRANS has already undertaken significant consultation with a wide range of key stakeholders to help establish the merit of the proposal and agree the core aims and objectives which the Passport will seek to deliver. These include: increased visitor numbers; encouraging greater dispersal of visitors within the Islands so that those with less profile or more remote can also benefit; and helping to support sustainable economic development and inclusive growth. At its simplest level, the Passport will offer an excellent vehicle to help promote all of Scotland’s Islands and raise visibility and awareness of what they offer both domestically and internationally. 

The Passport project will see the recruitment of an Island based project manager who will be responsible for implementing a detailed project plan that will include the development of both a physical and online App based versions of a Scottish Island Passport that is capable of appealing to different markets and demographics.

The work undertaken will be overseen by a project steering group consisting of several key stakeholders who have shown their commitment to the project by providing the match funding to support the application. The intention is to develop the Scottish Island Passport to coincide with Scotland’s Year of Coasts and Waters in 2020.