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Scalpay Care Unit Development

ORGANISATION // The North Harris Trust
PROJECT // Scalpay Care Unit Development
TOTAL PROJECT COST // £248,415.34

We propose to totally redevelop the former care unit building to form two housing units, one 2 bedroom and one 3 bedroom. To operate as a care unit the building layout was very prescriptive, as such transforming the building from its current layout into two housing units will require a lot of work and we will basically need to bring the building back to its bare walls.


The current lack of affordable housing is actually a barrier to the economic development of the area as people who currently work Scalpay are traveling from other areas each day. This project will give those who work and want to live in Scalpay an opportunity to do so. The cost of building a home in Harris/Scalpay is very high and is beyond the means of many young folk who may have to look elsewhere for a more affordable housing market. We feel that in an area where the population has been in continual decline for over 30 years we should work together to do all we can to facilitate housing for those who wish to live in here.


The project will bring a number of benefits to the area both in the long and short term. In the short term the conversion project will provide work for a range of local businesses. Once completed, the new housing will provide two much needed new homes in the community and will generate a modest income for NHT as we continue to diversify our income streams ensuring we remain sustainable. In the longer term, an increase in affordable housing and the associated increase in population will help safeguard the infrastructure in an already fragile area.