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Rosinish Heritage Trail

ORGANISATION // Storas Uibhist
PROJECT // Rosinish Heritage Trail

Through the delivery of this project Stòras Uibhist and Eriskay Historical Society will work in partnership to develop an existing natural heritage asset at Rosinish on the Island of Eriskay and create a high quality visitor experience.  Developed by the local community, increasing learning and capacity building, the project will build on and develop the activities of the local historical society. 

The delivery will involve learning from similar heritage projects and include volunteers with relative skills and experience. The project will create a high value visitor experience and increase access to local heritage through information and on-site interpretation and access.  This facility will draw visitors to the area, retain visitors to the area for a longer period encouraging increased visitor spend, encouraging promotion of the island and in general support the development of tourism within the Eriskay area, increasing economic benefit.