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Point & Sandwick Coastal Community Path

ORGANISATION // Point & Sandwick Coastal Community Path SCIO
PROJECT // Point & Sandwick Coastal Community Path
TOTAL PROJECT COST // £109,228.83

First phase for a Coastal Path project around Point and Sandwick, to open better access and stimulate economic/social activity including new nature, cultural and historical based tourism and in particular out of season tourism as a rural development catalyst. This phase prioritises  a new enhanced extension of path and coastal defence past Eaglais Na H Aoidh towards Aiginis.


This is particularly important as it additionally helps safeguard the historic Eye Church and graveyard from further sea erosion, a problem made worse this winter. The Iolaire section has in the meantime been re-scheduled for another phase and it is anticipated that other funding, for that and other sections, will be sought from access to paths funds which is a less suitable route for the section applied to under Leader given the particular engineered solutions required for Eye Church section. 


When completed the whole path would add an additional optional 40km to the Hebridean Way with benefits for new tourist services, exercise for local people, access to wildlife and is a potential "core" path.