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Multimedia Studio and International Marketing

ORGANISATION // TrixPix Limited
PROJECT // Multimedia Studio and International Marketing

TrixPix Ltd is a media production company based on a working croft on the Isle of South Uist.  Crofting is done in parallel to the business and informs much of the creative work.  This project is:

  1. To construct a state of the art multi-media studio on the croft to provide a flexible, permanent, properly resourced base from which TrixPix can operate and grow. 
  2. To develop TrixPix as an international brand through a cross-platform, English/Gaelic, international marketing campaign to support and extend business growth.

This projects extends growth through innovation by building a multimedia studio in which to base the business. This creates new opportunities for activities to expand and provide a suitable rural workplace for employees and collaborators to deliver this work. In parallel to building the studio, the project will test, design and implement a pilot international marketing and branding campaign.