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Hotspot Intervention Programme

ORGANISATION // Hotspot Intervention Team
PROJECT // Hotspot Intervention Programme
TOTAL PROJECT COST // £26,709.77

The Hotspot Intervention Team is a project aimed at responding to the wants and needs of young people through a needs led programme.  The H.I.T (Hotspot Intervention Team) will work in areas where there is little to know youth work provision or in areas where anti-social behaviour and the associated risks have been highlighted as an issue.  The H.I.T will then work within the identified areas on needs led programmes.  The programmes aims are as follows:


(1) To become more effective contributors i.e.; by taking part in the decision making process of this proposal

(2) To become more confident individuals by taking on responsibility of helping others plan and make decisions

(3)To engage and participate in new activities  - this will develop confidence, learning and self-esteem.

(4) To challenge the young people to achieve and increase, the highest possible level of personnel learning. 

(5)To develop new skills that will have a significant impact on their health and wellbeing. 

(6) To become responsible and successful learners i.e.; taking on responsibility for certain tasks, decision making within the group and the ability to engage with others. 

(7)To problem solve and learn the importance of working as part of a team.


The H.I.T programmes vision:

“To identify, support and value the needs and voices of young people through high quality, inspirational opportunities that engage, educate and empower.  We commit to providing creative and recreational activities that meet the needs of the young people.


Aims of the youth bus:


• Provide a multi-use space for children and young people

• Offer a variety of activities, information and support services.

• Provide a safe place for young people predominantly in rural areas and get young people off the streets 

• Reduce anti-social behaviour and respond to reports of anti-social behaviour

• Provide a rolling program of support to villages and target areas with the most need