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Hebrides Dance and Wellbeing Studio

PROJECT // Hebrides Dance and Wellbeing Studio
TOTAL PROJECT COST // £313,994.88

Established dance and fitness business, Isle Dance plans to build a studio space for dance, fitness and well-being, to cater for a number of local businesses and to reach a wider range of the community, encouraging more people to become more active.


This project will be managed by Isle Dance director Kirstie Anderson, working with architects and builders to create an eco-friendly studio space, outside Stornoway. Within this multi-use space, I’ll deliver a core timetable of classes as well as renting out facilities to other instructors. The space will provide innovative services and facilities not currently available in this rural area and provide a hub for the local fitness and dance community. This space will fulfil the need felt by freelance instructors for appropriate, affordable, and clean rental space from which to deliver classes, enabling us to meet the increasing demand for fitness and wellbeing in a safer and more suitable manner than is currently available. We will offer training and employment opportunities.


The space will house the first Pilates Apparatus studio in the Outer Hebrides and provide remedial classes to help people of all abilities return to health. The space will be able to adapt to the latest fitness trends within this growing market.