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HCT Polycrub Project

ORGANISATION // Hebridean Castle Trading
PROJECT // HCT Polycrub Project
TOTAL PROJECT COST // £16,634.80

LCC run three groups for students with additional support needs and a gardening club for   a small group of Alzheimer’s sufferers. A successful gardening club has been running since Oct 2015. Students enjoy attending college; a key factor is participation in running our CIC Hebridean Castle Trading (HCT). We have 30 students between 4 groups, & hope to expand this number significantly to young people, people with disabilities and elderly people.


The new project will be set up in a walled garden to the rear of LCC. Our students have redeveloped a small section of this area thereby completing 3 levels of the John Muir Award. HCT have 120 hens which the students look after, and run the highly successful award winning egg production business. The walled garden houses the hens put there to clear the rough ground in preparation for this project.


For this project, we want to invest in 2 polycrubs (Polytunnels, built to withstand Scottish weather) to expand our business and give our students more opportunities to develop skills. Our egg production business has already had a positive effect on clients’ skills; the polycrubs will help to enhance their skills further. It will help educate them in food provenance - they will be part of the process from ground preparation to harvesting and eating food. We will use our fruit, vegetables and eggs to help students improve skills in independent living, by giving them the chance and guidance in cooking basic, healthy meals. Our groups will also sell our seasonal fruit and vegetable to our already supportive customers.


At present, the walled garden is not accessible by everyone; even some current clients have difficulties navigating most areas. We plan to fix this by installing paths suitable for people with mobility issues throughout the garden. This will allow our projects to be open to a wider range of clients including people with disabilities and the elderly. This is in line with the LDS’s Potential Projects to Develop to give access to services, particularly the disabled, young people and the elderly in remote rural areas.