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Harris Marina Hub

ORGANISATION // Harris Development Limited
PROJECT // Harris Marina Hub
TOTAL PROJECT COST // £1,159,437.70

The project will construct two complementary pontoon facilities in East Loch Tarbert in the Outer Hebrides.  The first is at Tarbert, the main township and port of entry to Harris and the other is on the island of Scalpay, 7 road miles from Tarbert and 3 sea miles across the loch. Scalpay was connected by bridge to Harris in 1997.  The facilities provide the final link in a chain along the eastern seaboard of the Outer Hebrides, providing stop-off points within comfortable sailing distances. The chain links to a cluster of facilities down the west coast of Scotland to the Clyde. The proposed Harris developments are targeted mainly at visiting vessels but with provision for new and existing marine businesses and private boat owners.


The pontoon installations will provide 23 ‘step ashore’ berths in Tarbert and 25 in Scalpay. However, with rafting, berthing capacity can be increased to 90 between the two sites. The advantage of developing two pontoon facilities in East Loch Tarbert is that it ensures reliable, available berthing in virtually all weathers irrespective of wind direction.  Each site provides shelter when the wind direction is unfavourable for the other. The different characteristics of the two areas offer different visitor experiences.


The Tarbert pontoon will be accessed from an existing small breakwater on the south side of the loch and comprise a 24m access bridge, a 100m yacht pontoon headed by a 40m floating concrete breakwater/attenuator. The Scalpay pontoon will be accessed from an existing storage area by the pier via a 24m access bridge to 40m and 80m pontoon legs angled away from the existing pier to access deeper water. Each will accommodate small boats, cruise ship tenders, yachts and cruisers and give easy access for small sailing boats.