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Gàidhlig Media and Communications

ORGANISATION // Ceolas Uibhist
PROJECT // Gaidhlig Media and Communications
TOTAL PROJECT COST // £100,972.92

This three-year Gàidhlig Media and Communications project is designed to support existing initiatives in Uist by developing Gàidhlig digital and social media and on-line communication tools. The project will enhance Ceòlas existing Gàidhlig-medium social media and will help develop the Ceòlas brand as an on-line asset. The project will also support and implement Gàidhlig language initiatives for Ceòlas and other partner organisations in Uist, including implementation and revision, as appropriate, of Gàidhlig Language policies and plans.


In addition, this project will research and develop two new initiatives that will promote Uist's Gàidhlig heritage and culture, increase employment opportunities and enhance local community capacity. Firstly, the project will research and develop a new service provide Gàidhlig -medium on-line, website and social media support and maintenance for partner organisations, local businesses, and other culture and heritage organisations. Secondly, this project will develop local and digital Gàidhlig language initiatives, including an on-line/e-learning Gàidhlig teaching and mentoring programme.