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Community Energy Facility Based Support Programme

ORGANISATION // Community Energy Scotland
PROJECT // Community Energy Facility Based Support Programme
TOTAL PROJECT COST // £59,886.44

This project will provide a scheme which supports communities throughout the Outer Hebrides by providing advice and support over a two year period to develop facility based energy efficiency, renewables, innovation and sustainability projects. There is currently no funding available for CES to support community groups with energy efficiency measures or facility-based renewable projects. This project can make a real difference by ensuring that communities get the support they need to explore the energy options available to them and to look to make noticeable improvements to their facilities for the good of the wider community. 
The project will:

• Improve understanding of and engagement with renewable energy, energy efficiency and local energy use across the islands through CES meetings, discussions, information sheets and toolkits

• Develop innovation and localised energy options, where possible, through CES exploration and information provision, with support from the wider CES team where necessary

• Improve community building efficiency by helping communities to work up projects which can then be submitted to funding bodies.

• Enable retention of on-island skills and expertise through CES staff

• Encourage new and different methods of energy production, storage and efficiency

• Build capacity within communities on energy related matters through project development, learning journeys and meetings with groups carrying out similar projects


Communities throughout the islands are regularly in contact with CES to ask for advice and support in order to improve their energy use and building sustainability, something which we have been unable to progress with due to funding issues. Following a previous scheme which took place from 2012-14 there were still fifteen projects which had shown an interest but which hadn’t been able to advance at sufficient speed. These don’t include new projects which came to speak to us in 2015-16. There is an obvious demand for more localised hands-on energy support and guidance which sees groups able to source funding and progress with energy projects.