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CKC Innovation & Development Manager

ORGANISATION // Urachadh Uibhist
PROJECT // CKC Innovation & Development Manager


The Claddach Kirkibost Centre (CKC) is a multipurpose community centre established in 2000, run by Urachadh Uibhist (UU), a registered charity. It has a café, office and internet facilities available, office space for rent to commercial tenants, meeting rooms for community and commercial groups, a small local food production company, a gym and exhibition space. It receives over 10,000 visitors annually and runs cultural events throughout the year.  

UU would now like to expand these activities, becoming a social and educational ‘hub’, with a focus on providing recreational and vocational opportunities for young people on North Uist. To achieve this UU wishes to appoint an Innovation & Development Manager, whose remit will be to innovate new ideas and projects for the Centre, which will take it on to the next stage in its development as a key community hub, with a focus on the needs of young people.

This will be a community-driven project, aiming to address social isolation, especially among young people on North Uist. At present, there are few activities for young people living in North Uist to engage with. There are also few activities for visitors during the tourist season when the weather is poor, and few opportunities to engage with local children. The addition of an element particularly focused on youth engagement will attract more families and economically active people, to live and work in the area.

This project will help secure UU’s future. The new Innovation & Development Manager role will be essential to facilitate innovative transformations at the Centre.  Since the departure of the Nursery from the building, there is a requirement for leadership to implement a range of new activities which will provide more year-round services for the local community, especially young people, create employment, provide activities for visitors, and help provide long term sustainability for one of North Uist’s most vibrant social enterprises.