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LEADER and EMFF are European Union funded Marine and Community Development schemes which focuses on delivering a bottom-up method of support for rural development. They are primarily aimed at supporting small-scale, community-driven projects that are pilot and innovative in nature and which benefit the Outer Hebridean communities.

The Outer Hebrides programmes ensure that the benefits and participation of the local community is fundamental to the LEADER and EMFF ethos of networking, co-operation, transferring knowledge and integrating activities through enabling the delivery of the objectives of the Local Development Strategy which was developed for and by local communities.

How to apply

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  3. Detail Your Plans
  4. Final Submission of Application
  5. The Decision!

What is the Scottish LEADER Programme?

Short video about the Scottish LEADER Programme from the Scottish Rural Network featuring inspiring projects including an Outer Hebrides LEADER project at Tagsa Uibhist on the Isle of Benbecula.